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18 Violin Shops in Ontario

July 04, 2016


Ontario is a province in the east-central of Canada. It comprises the notable cities such as Ottawa as its capital city and Toronto as the most populous city. Within this areas and other parts of the province, several violin shops are developed. These shops provide stringed instruments and services to Ontario neighbourhood. So for musicians and players looking for violin shops in this province, check out the compilation shown below. Browse through their collection of instruments before buying preferred instrument in the violin family.




1. George Heinl & Co



This store, aside from selling violins, violas and cellos, is mostly recognized in working with the restoration of antique instruments. They kept in stock huge range of string instruments, accessories, luthier tools and anything related to string instrument. Their online store displays items offered with reasonable prices which are also available in their shop.


Address: 201 Church St, Toronto, ON M5B 1Y7, Canada
Tel: (416) 363-0093


2. The Sound Post



The Sound Post is an active Canadian importer and distributor of quality musical instruments and accessories available at fair and affordable prices. The business started in the year 1983 but opened in Toronto in 1990. Now, this company became the largest specialized violin business in Canada with a full-service shop for all string players.


Address: 93 Grenville St, Toronto, ON M5S 1B4, Canada
Tel: 416-971-6990
Fax: 416-597-9923


3. Quinney Violins



Stephen Quinney is a Canadian member of The American Federation of Violin and Bow makers. He has been working professionally with stringed instruments for about 14 years now and has done various repairs and handling of instruments. His models are based from Antonio Stradivari and the Guarneri Family as well as many from the old Italian instruments.


Address: 465 King St E #11, Toronto, ON M5A 1L6, Canada
Tel: 647.351.4868


4. Inokuchi Violin



For over 40 years, Inokuchi & Son became one of the top violin makers of today. Their products are available in both modern and baroque forms. They will accommodate any possible instrument with any budget and requirements. Thus, their instruments are recognized by some finest performers, teachers and musicians.


Address: 31 Railside Rd #6, Toronto, ON M3A 1B2, Canada
Tel: (416)463-6799
Fax: (416)463-8588


5. Itzel Avila



Itzel Avila is a violinist and violin maker in Toronto which had trained all the way from Italy, Canada and United States. She also gained experience from some shop as a violin and bow restorer and now, she established her own workshop in Toronto while her instruments are played in various locations in United States and Canada. She is a dedicated maker and can make instruments and deliver them at any corner of the world.


Address: Upper Beaches, Toronto, ON, Canada


6. Johann Lotter



Johann Lotter is a professional maker and repairer of several instruments including violin, viola, cello, bass, banjo, guitar, mandolin, fiddle and dobro. Violins, violas and cellos are made entirely by hand which is based from the Cremonese tradition. They are available to all students and professional players and musicians. 


Address: 12 Rideau Ave, Toronto, ON M6K 1S2, Canada
Tel: +1 647-867-8718


7. Tutti Violini



Tutti Violini is a violin shop offering a collection of modern and rare violins, violas, cellos and their bows to Greater Toronto area for about 7 years. A violinist, Jaime Weisenblum, owned the shop and personally maintained all instruments to provide only the highest quality of products and services. Additional available services includes the repair, restoration, instrument appraisals and bow rehairs.


Address: 1560 Bayview Av, Toronto, ON M4G 3B8, Canada
Tel: 416.486.5050
Fax: 416.486.5052


8. Remenyi House Of Music



This music store is considered as one of Canada's largest print music store and the best piano store in Toronto aside from providing rare stringed instruments sourced from Italy, France, Germany and England. Since 1890, they have been offering services from each of the four areas of music departments at Remenyi building. 


Address: 210 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S 1T8, Canada
Tel: 416.961.3111
Fax: 416.961.3949
Email: or




9. K. Loso Violins



This music store owns a selection of stringed instruments and variety of other related items available to all levels of musicians. Whether beginner or professional player, they can acquire a handcrafted instrument specially the Italian violins in Cremona. Mr. Carlo (Károly) Nicolo Loso is the master violin maker whom a customer should contact in this store.


Address: 1224 Walkley Rd, Ottawa, ON K1V 6P8, Canada
Tel: (613) 233-5406 


10. Dequincey Violin



The luthier Charline Dequincey is independently working on instruments to develop her own ability and style in the making and restoring of the stringed instruments. Her works are inspired from original instruments in the classical Cremonese school such as the Amati Family, the Guarneri Family and Stradivari. Some award winning performers and members of Orchestras in Canada own the Dequincey instruments.


Address: 792 Gladstone Ave, Ottawa, ON K1R 6X9, Canada


11. Derrick Rathwell Stringed Instrument Repairs



Derrick worked as a professional luthier specializing in both fretted and bowed instrument. He gained experience and learn well in both repair and restoration of these instruments along with some experts in this field. He can help and assist whether simple set up to major restoration techniques are required.


Address: 1960 Scott St #305, Ottawa, ON K1Z 8L8, Canada
Tel: 613.620.7762


12. Ottawa violin shop



Ottawa violin shop is the newest violin shop which just started in the year 2014 but the owner, Bretislav Cervenka, has been passionate in dealing with violins in most of his life. Though newly established in Ottawa, they carry variety of violins for all levels of players. They also do repair and rental services, all in reasonable prices.


Address: 151 Rochester St, Ottawa, ON K1R 7M2, Canada
Tel: 613-237-2998 


13. Anne Cure Violins



Since 1993, Anne cure specializes in the repair, restoration and sales of violins, violas and cellos for beginner students to amateurs and professionals. She has also played cello and viola at Orchestras and has been a music teacher for nearly 40 years now to share her knowledge in this field from her studio. 


Address: 6601 Des Chouettes Ln, Orléans, ON K1C 6N4, Canada
Tel: 613-824-3343


Northeastern Ontario


14. Schryer Violin Workshop



Raymond Schryer, for more than 35 years, has been passionate about stringed instruments specially violins. He is a award winning maker of violins, violas and cello. He is an active member of the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers. He also teaches violin making to schools and workshops worldwide.


Address: 1009 Queen St E, Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 2C2, Canada
Tel: 705-949-9998


15. Daryl Griffith



The violin maker, Daryl Griffith, only focuses on making well crafted instruments entirely made by hand and no longer accept any repair works. His violins are based and inspired from works of Stradivari with a powerful, responsive and open tone. His wife is a violinist and has been available to help in the playability of the instrument. Contacting Daryl is also necessary to discuss in greater detail the preferred violin instrument.


Address: Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 3K5, Canada
Tel: 343-333-5888


Southwestern Ontario


16. Walke Ruppert Violins



Sibylle Ruppert is a maker and restorer of violins along with his husband Gregory Walke, also a violin maker, in their shop in Paisley, Ontario. She also do maintenance work and bow repairs as well as occasional restoration. Their instruments are used by musicians across Canada.


Address: 289 Albert St, Paisley, ON N0G 2N0, Canada
Tel: 1-519-353-7108


17. Riedstra’s Violin Shop



Since 1973, this violin shop offer the sales, rentals, restoration and appraisals of bowed string instruments as well as the sales and repairs of brass and woodwind instruments, and accordions. The store is situated in 2 locations at Ontario Canada but has been supplying to clients internationally aside from musicians within Canada. Check out details of the two outlets from the information below.


Address 1: 239 Victoria St N, Kitchener, ON N2H 5C9, Canada
Tel 1: 1-519-743-3838
Fax 1: 1-519-743-4676

Address 2: 38 Neal Ave, Stratford, ON N5A 6W8, Canada
Tel 2: 1-519-273-4082
Fax 2: 1-519-508-3000
Email 1:


18. Oviolin


Whether you're a beginner or a professional player who wanted to purchase an instrument in the violin family, our shop will be very happy to serve you. Though not based in the province of Ontario, we are active in delivering to any part of this place! So before you buy an instrument, look through our collection. Click here to view our violin catalogue.


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