7 Well-known Violin Shops at Norfolk

May 23, 2016


A county in the East of England called Norfolk has a town known as Norwich. It is the only recognized city and also became as the county's main business and culture centre. In addition to this, most of the violin shops at Norfolk is located in this city. Below shows the list of these violin shops established within the premises. If you are needing an instrument in the violin family, feel free to browse through this page and review the information of the shop that interests you!


1. Woodbridge Violins



Besides their store in the historical town of Woodbridge in Suffolk, they also have this store in Norfolk. This shop can offer 500 quality instruments and bows including variety of accessories and cases to every type of string players. The accessories department has been given emphasis and can provide any needed accessory for a musical instrument because of the increasing demand of these items. They can also restore and repair as well as buy and sell stringed instruments on a commission basis.


Website: http://www.woodbridgeviolins.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/woodbridgeviolins
Address: 34 Elm Hill, Norwich, Norfolk NR3, UK
Tel: +44 1603 624900


2. Resonant Strings



Resonant strings is managed by two professionally trained Luthiers named Dota and Alan Williams. They specializes in the making, repairing and restoring of children to expert string player's instruments. They also provide range of services to schools and organizations. Their price range depends upon the different services and needs of the stringed instruments they handle.


Website: http://www.resonantstrings.co.uk
Address: The Wesleyan Chapel, Chapel St, Cawston, Norwich, Norfolk NR10 4BG UK
Tel: +44 1603 870784
Email: info@resonantstrings.co.uk


3. DK Strings



This shop has been established originally at Kent and just started at Norfolk in the year 2014. The founder is Daniel Barlette and has been working with the renowned luthier known to be Tom Blackburn. They offer consistently changing stock of violins, violas and cellos but specializes more in older violins. Moreover, they provide update of instruments at their online site cited below.


Website: http://dkstrings.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DKStrings
Address: Dereham Rd, Reepham, Norwich, Norfolk NR10, UK
Tel: +44 1603 872686
Email: dkstringsinfo@gmail.com


4. Cookes Pianos



Since 1887, this shop has been Norfolk's Piano Specialist and became one of the longest serving music shop in the country. They offer their customers any musical instruments and services available. And through increasing demand, they now supply range of violin instruments and outfits to the any levels of player.


Website: http://www.cookespianos.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CookesPianos
Address: 19 St Benedicts St, Norwich, Norfolk NR2 4PE, UK
Tel: +44 1603 625970
Email: cookespianos@ntlbusiness.com


5. UK Music Supplies


Recognized as one of the best musical instrument store to buy instruments and accessories in their local store which are also made available at their online site. They also provide an specialist in the repair of guitars, basses and violins for over 10 years now. Aside from that, their variety of services from set-ups to repairs can be acquired in just affordable prices. 


Website: http://www.ukmusicsupplies.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UK-Music-Supplies-452695188189165
Address: Constitution Hill, Norwich, Norfolk NR3 4BL, UK
Tel: +44 845 533 9053
Email: sales@ukmusicsupplies.co.uk


6. Red Lion Music



 A music shop selling musical instruments, sheet music and accessories run by a local family. Always has been available for any order of any musical instrument or equipment even if its not still presented in their stock. Trying out of instruments before purchase can be done personally in their store. Additionally, they also sells online for the customers convenience.


Website: http://redlionmusicaylsham.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Red-Lion-Music-Aylsham-370708603031937
Address: 33 Red Lion St, Aylsham, Norwich, Norfolk NR11, UK
Tel: +44 1263 734389
Email: info@redlionmusicaylsham.co.uk


7. Oviolin


Our shop, Oviolin, has always been active in delivering to any places in Norfolk even if we are not based in this neighbourhood. If you are a player or musician in need of instrument in the violin family, don't hesitate to look at our collection. Here is our violin catalogue.


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