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The 7 Existing Places to Buy Violins in Bristol

May 23, 2016


Bristol, a county in South West England, stands as the eighth most populated county in United Kingdom. It is also UK's most popular tourist destinations. Since this city is recognized as best city, increasing number of musicians and players of the violin family instruments will be needing and go look for violin shops in Bristol. To ease the search of these shops, we compiled a list containing the description and contact details of these shops. Below shows the 7 certified violin shops recently existing in Bristol!


1. The Bristol Violin Shop




Established in 1986 by two well-respected makers and restorers Neil Hansford and Nicholas Woodward. Produces large range of old and new stringed instruments where latest designs are also made available in cases and some accessories. Additionally, their workshop caters repairs, restorations and tonal adjustments.


Address: 12 Upper Maudlin St, Bristol, City of Bristol BS2 8DJ, UK
Tel: +44 117 925 9990


2. Cremona House Violin Shop



Since 1879, this violin shop became one of the leading violin shops in Britain. It is established by George Darbey but later directed by Richard Bristow in the year 1979 until present. Ever since its establishment in Bristol, this shop offers a large range of modern and antique violin family instruments as well as all aspects of repair and restoration. During workshops, all instruments are properly set up and readily available for purchase.


Address: 7 Perry Rd, Bristol, City of Bristol BS1 5BQ, UK
Tel: +44 117 926 4617


3. Edward Gaut Violins



Edward is the maker, repairer and restorer of fine violins, violas and cellos in this place using his 20 years of experience in this field. Most of his works are handmade in his workshop and mostly based from great historic Italian violin making families such as Stradivari, Amati, Guarneri and Rogeri. Moreover, he is also available for bow rehairs, repairs and sales.


Address: 6 Chatsworth Rd, Avon, Bristol BS4 3EY, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 117 307 9785


4. Nowak Violins - Bristol Violin, Viola & Cello Maker



Since 1986, Steffen Nowak, violin maker, has mostly based his works from models of Cremona with available modern, classical and baroque set ups. He is a professional even in handling the customers in their inquiries as well as helping them achieve their proper instrument. So for about 30 years in service, his works are made to be of greatest standard and using his own composition of oil varnish which strengthens its natural beauty.


Address: 75 Sylvia Ave, Bristol, City of Bristol BS3 5BU, UK
Tel: +44 117 977 7141 


5. Simon Kodurand Violins



After years of experiences in playing and examining diverse number of stringed instruments specially in some of the finest examples of Amati and Stradivari, Simon set his goal in helping stringed players achieve their best instrument and provide them essential advice. Any string player who wanted an instrument can choose in the changing instruments and bows ranging from old Italian instruments to 19th century French and English violins.


Address: Park Lodge 170 Main Road, Cleeve, Bristol BS49 4PP, UK
Tel: +44 7813 043809


6. Aleth Michel



Because of her deep desire in the violin making, Aleth Michel established this workshop in 1986. She specializes in the making, repairing, restoring and tonal adjustments of violins, violas and cellos. Her works are purchased and played by professionals, musicians and composers in Europe and other countries internationally.


Address: 12 Wellington Avenue, Montpelier, BRISTOL BS6 5HP, UK
Tel: 00 44 (0)117 942 38 45


7. Oviolin


Aside from the existing violin shops cited above, our shop is also active in providing instruments in the violin family. Though we are not based anywhere in Bristol, we are always dedicated in delivering instruments at any addresses. So before you buy an instrument, browse through our collection first. Here's our violin catalogue.


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