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Wyoming and its 7 Violin Retail Stores

August 31, 2016


There is a wide range of music festivals held in Wyoming and one of these is the Grand Teton Music Festival which is referred as one of the largest festivals in the state. Some music stores also celebrates with these events to provide music related items to performers and attending musicians from renowned orchestras. Violin Shops, in particular, are also established across Wyoming that offers a wide range of bowed instruments. So for musicians and players in need of violin family instruments, check out the compilation of shops below. Look at each collection before buying the preferred item to use. 


1. Hill Music Company



Through the years since 1984, Hill Music Company has been active in developing music with services to schools and communities as well as individual users and musicians in Wyoming and beyond. They have been providing variety of musical equipment and instruments for sale and rent-to-own programs. Repairs of all musical instruments are also handled by a team of musicians with excellent musical experiences and expertise.


Address: 245 S Montana Ave, Casper, WY 82609, USA
Tel: 307-265-5044


2. Marlow Music



Located in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Marlow Music has been of service as a unique full service music store catering services such as quality instrument repairs and restorations. Products and accessories are kept in stock available to customers and musicians in need. In addition, band and orchestra instruments are available for rental.


Address: 6707 Highland Rd, Cheyenne, WY 82009, USA
Tel: 307-630-3344


3. Haggerty's Musicworks



A family owned and operated music store since 1979 offering services and musical needs specially string instruments from Wyoming and South Dakota branches. From these places up to world wide areas, they provide shipping products at a price suitable at intend budget. They also cater band, string and electronic repairs on site.


Address: 500 O-R Dr, Gillette, WY 82718, USA
Tel: 307-682-9808


4. Gig-Worx Music Store



This family owned music store has been of service to music communities and from beginner to professionals for about 50 years. A stock of a variety of instruments are offered for purchase as well as the rental of band, string, and fretted instruments are also available. Check out online site for listed rental prices.


Address: 601 SE Wyoming Blvd, Casper, WY 82609, USA
Tel: 307-253-0200


5. Anton's Musical Instrument Repair



This business has been a stringed instrument repair shop performing variety of instruments works including the handling of violins. Anton A. Lehman is the reliable and trusted luthier with over 25 years experience who can take care of your instrument and provide quality and friendly services. 


Address:1841 Ln 12, Powell, WY 82435, USA
Tel: 307-754-5341


6. Niemann & Sons Music



This quality music center has been providing services to Wyoming areas for about 40 years. In addition to piano tuning and restoration, band and orchestra rental and supplies are provided to students at affordable prices.


Address: 1609 Central Ave, Cheyenne, WY 82001, USA
Tel: 307-637-5222


7. Oviolin


Oviolin, our shop, though not based in Wyoming, has delivered to any bowed instrument users, professionals or nonprofessional players around the state. So, for those interested in buying violin family instruments, be sure to browse through our violin catalogue.


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