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Custom Violin: 7/8 Violin for M. Wilson (Australia)

May 07, 2007


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Client's Feedback

Hi Jehpin,

Hope you are well. Just wanted to say thankyou for the violin. It arrived very quickly last week, and I’ve been getting some really nice comments from members of my string ensemble.

I put Obligato strings on it as I thought the Evah Pirazzis might be too powerful. It already has a very powerful and warm tone and good resonance, and by day 3 of getting it, is starting to open up and I’m finding it very easy to play on. It also looks great!

I took it round to my violin teacher, who also owns and operates a violin shop in Sydney. He was impressed with the quality and value for money of the custom made instrument. He even asked me for your email address and website to make enquiries, which I have passed on to him.

The only disappointment was that I noticed that the violin did not come with a label inside the f-hole. I thought that was a pity considering I would have liked to have had the maker’s name acknowledged somehow. Is there a label that he has that you could send me?

Thanks and best wishes,
M. Wilson

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