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1704 Stradivarius style S.E. Violin 4/4 #533. 5-STRINGS

August 18, 2007

1704 STRAD style S.E. Violin 4/4 #533. 5-STRINGS

Delivered to my internet friend from Shetland, Scotland. The above violin, a baroque African blackwood violin bow and a COBRA Brazil Bow (Model CB).

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September 03, 2007

Hi Jehpin

As you know I have purchased 3 instruments from you and 2 bows, all are of a very high quality, so much so that I have already sold on one and another probably shortly. The instruments are superb and can only get better, warning to possible buyers brilliant to play difficult to hold onto.

Your friends will buy them from you, usually at a tidy profit "beware ".
Never mind I am sure Jehpin will sell me more.


July 09, 2009


I was just wondering if by any chance you have an clear varnished fingerboard that matched the wood of the violin. I wanted to create a violin that looks more like a baroque violin. I have already purchased the clear varnished vilolin from you. Now I was wondering if you had (or could create) a fingerboard of the same wood and varnish.

Thanks a Bunch,


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