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Violin using 50 year old spruce “The Vecchio” #802

September 19, 2007

Guarneri Violin using 50 year old spruce “The Vecchio” #802

Delivered to a friend in Texas, USA.

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David H.
David H.

September 19, 2007


I am writing to thank you for the new Vecchio #802 that I received today. Right out of the case, it plays with a wonderfully mellow tone as you promised. Though I am not a professional musician, I do own 11 other violins, and this one is already one of my two favorite instruments. It projects sound boldly without any harsh tinny overtones. And that is how it sounds with just the basic strings it was shipped with. I imagine it will improve after I put my Thomastik Vision strings on it.

You shipped it beautifully. The express parcel took 5 days from my date of payment to arrive in the USA (Houston, Texas). The included case was very nice, and protected the violin perfectly. This type and quality of violin case will sell for about $80 to $90 at the local violin store. And I appreciate how you wrapped the fittings in bubble wrap and tissue paper so that the varnish of the violin was not scratched in shipment.

In terms of the violin itself, it looks beautiful. The varnish was applied very well, very evenly with no bumps, defects, or other problems. The purfling is beautiful, with nice geometric lines and inlaid with precision. The 1-piece back is beautiful, giving the violin its character with a nice tiger-pattern flame and enhancing the overall aesthetics. The boxwood fittings look very nice, with their rich light chocolate color providing a further point of differentiation for the instrument.

I do have a few minor suggestions about the violin. First, I think that placing your own label, including the luthier’s name, year of build, and serial number will ensure that as time goes on, your craftsmanship is recognized and not confused with other “no-label” violins from China. Second, the pegs are beautiful, but they were cut a little short. Most US violinists prefer that the end of the peg is flush with the other side of the pegboard, and then slightly rounded.

Thanks again for a wonderful violin, and I hope to buy many more from you over the years.


July 23, 2010

Is this model still available? I was wondering if you can give me a price. thanks. :)

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