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A MASTERPIECE Stradivarius 1693 Violin #706 “HARRISON

September 22, 2007

A MASTERPIECE Stradivarius 1693 Violin #706 “HARRISON”

Delivered to a friend in Hannover, Germany.

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February 18, 2008

In September last year I bought this “Harrison” Violin from Jehpin.
12 days later (after customs and taxes clearing) the Violin arrived safe and in very good condition at me. The Violin looks very, very nice and the craftsmanship is of top quality. The tone is warm, dark and “wooden”. In smaller rooms this is very pleasant – in bigger halls or as soloist with orchestra it perhaps will not be powerful enough, but it doesn’t matter.
There was the possibility to upgrade the case and the bow and I am very satisfied with all and the whole purchase.
Thank you very much, Jehpin.

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