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Guarneri Violin with Old Spruce (over 50yrs) #891 VECCHIO

October 11, 2007

Guarneri Violin with Old Spruce (over 50yrs) #891 VECCHIO

Delivered to a friend in Texas, USA.

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Arthur Haule
Arthur Haule

October 13, 2007

I purchased the Vecchio because I was looking for a violin with a darker tone than my other instrument. I wanted a violin which would let me play more expressively on my D and G strings . . . a pretty tone, and not necessarily a brilliant solo instrument

Communication with Jehpin was quick and clear. He shipped the violin immediately, and I was surprised at the speed with which my violin arrived.

My wife said was that it is a very “pretty” instrument the instant she saw it.

I use Thomastik Dominant strings on my other instrument, and wanted to emphasize the lower two strings on this violin. I chose a Thomastik “Melange” set of strings. This consists of Thomastik’s signature E-String, a Dominant A-String, and Infeld Blue D-String and an Infeld Red G-String.

The lower two strings are everything I could have hoped for, and I am well pleased with the sound of the upper two strings as well. In hindsight I would probably opt for Thomastik Blues on the upper three strings, but I will still enjoy this instrument tremendously until my next string change.

What surprised me was how well the Vecchio projects. In spite of its being a “mellow” instrument, I still have plenty of volume. And its tone is consistent all the way from subito pianissimo to fortissimo. I play second violin in small orchestras and chamber settings. This violin is excellent for a small group setting, and I will be well served for my solo work as well.

I am very pleased with this instrument, and would recommend it to others! Of course I’ll be pointing my readers at to Jehpin’s store, because this one’s not for sale.

Thank you for a great experience, and I look forward to dealing with Jehpin in the future.

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