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Buying a 1/8 Violin for Your Child

February 23, 2008

Hi Jehpin,

I am looking for a 1/8th size violin for my baby girl,

what do you recomend and what is a reasonable price for a child to start learning.

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actually in my opinion, the better choice would be to rent one violin from your local store,
or buy one which allows you to trade back in future for a larger violin.

This is because at this point of time, you will get better value with a used violin. A used
violin is also easier to play because the tone is already broken in. Most 1/8 violin are just
average in quality anyway. And they don't differ much from one another.

The move from 1/8 to 1/4 could be quite soon also so you may have to change it before you
know it.

Once your girl reaches 1/2 size then you can consider buying one. As at that time, she
could be an average player, or a prodigy in the making. And only then will she have enough
skills to harness the qualities of a better violin.

Hope this helps,

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