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Small size violin cases (1/4 1/2 3/4 4/4) to ship to your designated Chinese violin makers

April 25, 2009

Good quality small size student triangular cases are rare in China. Most of the triangular cases are simple foam cases with parts that rust quickly and the foam used are inferior.

Here are  2 BRICKS cases Carrier and Reflex are designed by customers themselves for their existing student kits. Currently these cases are bought by many shops (some even large wholesalers) for their own China violins.

I can ship these cases to designated address worldwide including within China. I do this often for customers who have their violins made elsewhere in China but have difficulty or do not have the time to source for good quality cases in China.

  • the type you see with student violin everywhere (no photos shown here) USD10
  • BRICKS Carrier (red colour case)
  • BRICKS Reflex (black canvas with netted exterior case. Has reflective strips on cases.)

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