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2-violin case 4-violin case (double or quad cases)

April 25, 2009

An affordable double-violin (or 4-violin) case which includes features found on many higher-priced cases. In 2 versions.


  • For quad cases, there is also a trolley option, meaning there will be 2 wheels installed at the base and you can pull the case.
  • Add a 12-bow case to the quad case. This adds little weight to the entire case but is very useful especially making business trips.

• Plush velvet interior
• Zippered nylon cover with rain flap
• Full music compartment w/pockets
• String Tube
• 4 bow holders (none for quad case)
• interior pockets
• Hygrometer (none for quad case)
• Leather handle

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2 Responses

Tie Son
Tie Son

August 01, 2010

Can I know the price of this double case?
I really want to know, because I really need it

thank you


January 18, 2011

Hello Jehpin,

I hope you consider selling (or offering) double cases like these in the future. It is useful to be able to take two instruments, and also up to 4 bows.

Also, your single violin cases are nice but it would be nice to have a premium one that has 4 bow holders, too.

Looking forward to receiving my violin…

Best, Clark

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