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Engelman Spruce Violin. Sweet Tone. Oil varnish. #3378 Royal Case

April 25, 2009

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Dear Jehpin
The violin has arrived - today - thank you
I would like to provide some initial feedback - since I am a small violin dealer my comments are meant to be honest and helpful.
the violin is absolutely stunning - I am totally blow away
the case is equally stunning - please tell me where it is made - I want more.
not so positive:
I believe I ordered a baroque bow as well as an upgrade to a pernambuco bow - unfortunately the baroque bow did not arrive can you check on this please - this bow is intended for my daughter who is professional . The pernambuco bow is okay but not at the level of the violin - the bow calibration (curve) is wrong most noticeable at the tip hence it is very weak at this point - the sliver finishings are superb the neck of the violin has moved down resulting in the finger board being too low - I will have to reset the neck (this I am happy to do).
I will be showing this violin to my daughter (hopefully she doesn't steal it away from me - as I mentioned she is professional) as well I will be showing it to members of the Vancouver Symphony and professional violin makers. Despite the missing bow and the issues mentioned above I will want to order/bid again.
Your service in responding to my emails was first rate - thank you - and please let me know about the baroque bow and where these cases are made (is it China?).



Hi Robert

Thanks for your feedback they help me improve my products. The bow you had was a regular pernambuco. I suggest next time you can try my top pernambuco or master sticks. These have much improved response and balance, and makes for a sweeter tone.

The cases are made in China, but the model I send you is a custom model I have asked my supplier to make for me. These specs are feedbacks from previous customers. I simply took note of them when I talk to my supplier. eg. changing some screws to better quality ones, using better YKK zippers, changing the hygrometer to ones that actually works, and linings inside the case.

Next month I will have a whole new range of cases. I think these will be some of the best cases you can buy anywhere in the world. Shops can sell them up to USD1000 each. So watchout for my cases. :)

Shall I send the baroque bow to you now urgently? Or is it ok if I send it up on your next shipment? If next shipment, I can pass on the savings by including a brazil bow together.

Regards, JP

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