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Geof from USA

June 25, 2009

Hello Jehpin
My violin arrived in perfect condition, very fast delivery thank you.  The bridge height was a little high for me because I have big fingers that can touch the other strings, I simply removed it and trimmed  it about 1.5 mm  (if you remember I have a precision machine shop) it has a lovely voice. The extra set of Perlon strings improved the tone of my other violin considerably from the steel core strings it came with, It is varnished with modern lacquer and had a "twangy" tone like a banjo before.

F.Y.I. Previously I bought a violin from another ebay seller which I returned because the instrument was airbrush painted to simulate the wood grain, I really appreciate the craftsmanship of your product. I have only one suggestion, it would be a nice touch if the luthiers name was inside the violin, if my Grandson takes it up, one day after I am gone he will always know who made the instrument.


Hi Geof

thanks for your feedback. I've placed the label in the interior pocket. Can you find it?

old violin house label

Regards, JP
Old Violin House

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