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Flight Series cases (short violin cases with detachable bow case suitable for cabin)

January 05, 2011


I received some email requests over the past year to offer a short violin case that enables you to bring onboard flights, especially flights within the Euro zone where the regular violin case may be restricted because of its length. This time, I've added a detachable bow case.

Making time is 30 days, in lots of 10 pieces. Mail me for prices. Available as a single case or double case.


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Antonio Colica
Antonio Colica

October 09, 2011

Hi! How much is the cost (with the shipping to Italy) and when will be available one single Flight series case?
Thank you


October 27, 2011

Is there any possibility to receive the price for a minimum of 10 items?

thank you

Eileen O'Brien Minogue
Eileen O'Brien Minogue

September 28, 2011

Hi, I would be grateful if you could give the dimensions of the single violin flight series case with detachable bow case suitable for cabin. Could you also let me know the price including shipping to Ireland,
Kind Regards, Eileen


June 26, 2011


I wanted to ask how much does it cost, this violin cabin case, please let me know, I am interested :)

E. U.

eleonora matsuno
eleonora matsuno

July 07, 2011

I could be interested in this case…could I know how much is it?
I live but travel a lot…where are you from? do you know how much would be the shipping?
Thanks a lot,


March 11, 2011

How would the double case be like ? the pictures only show a case for a single violin, is it still TRIANGULAR shape ?
What would be the measurements & weight ? & price ?

By the way, what is the size restrictions of violin/viola cases for flights to European countries ?

Mili Pradhan
Mili Pradhan

April 21, 2011

Dear JP,

Could you please email me the cost for the travel violin bag – single case (plus the sleeve for one or two bows?
I realized they won’t allow the standard hard case.

I am flying on May 20th. I hope it is not too late for the request. I live in Buffalo, NY.

Thank you,

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