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15euros OEM Titanium Fine Tuner (Ulsa or Mberg style) for Violin & Viola

April 19, 2011

A friend introduced me to a factory that makes these OEM titanium made fine tuner and exported to Germany. They cost EUR15 each. Earlier I had price it at EUR12 but the factory had increased the price saying the earlier price is not sustainable for them because of the high price of titanium. I've bought them and they look pretty much to me like the same thing. It feels well constructed. If you want to combine with me for an order, let me know. The OEM makers told me minimum order is 500 pieces. So now I'm gathering some orders with my resellers. If you like to participate in this bulk ordering, let me know. I've created a tier pricing to encourage larger orders so there is some incentive to order more. I hope the numbers is one that is gather around your orchestra and friends.

Some of the features:

  • suitable for both loop and ball end strings
  • can be used for both violin and viola
  • can be used with gut and steel strings
  • double prong design
  • single body molded, dramatically reduces the number of moving parts
  • titanium being a better conductor of sound waves, allows for quicker propogation of your bow movement to the violin body, improving the response of the E string in a positive way (some might differ though :P)

The titanium fine tuner in practice.


1 piece (if you really want to just buy one piece, it's still ok. But the price is higher at 20Euros, but if you make another order within the week of receiving it, I can count the one piece according to the new purchase bulk discount price and factor in discount in your new order.) Shipping for all options is 2 Euros shipping by registered airmail. This is a cheap form of shipping and takes 14 days to most places, and up to 30 days for places like South America and Italy. If you need the item urgently, please contact me for EMS shipping prices, or buy from your local store.

Select Quantity (Shipping is 2 Eur for any quantity)

If you prefer bank transfer, contact me for details.

Below are the actual photos of the fine tuners.

I took the weight of the titanium one and a normal wittner fine tuner one.



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