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A 7/8 Cello for our friend A. Wexler from Norway

May 09, 2011

This cello was custom made by our friend from Norway, made slightly smaller than a usual cello for easy playing.

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just to show you guys such a cello is possible with custom making so if you need a cello  just slightly smaller, this is one of the few places where you can custom make a cello.

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May 12, 2011

Right JP, I’d like to thank you again for the excellent cello- congradulations, you’ve made me happy!

Despite its smaller size, the sound and feel of it are definitely an upgrade to my former full-size cello. It needed strings with slightly higher tension- I used Passione A medium, D stark, Eva Pirazzi G stark and C soloist. It speaks easily and responds to every tiny touch. It projects very well in a large hall! And the bass! The bass is powerful and clear, I can’t believe this is possible on an instrument with a body size of 71.5 cm. By the sound and looks of it you wouldn’t tell it’s smaller, you would probably think it was a German-made instrument ten times its actual price.

In addition to the excellent sound and looks, all details are well made: pegs exactly shaved and perfectly fitted, very nice and stable end pin, and a very well-fitting bridge, although I personally prefer it to be slightly taller.

Overall the cello was made according to my requeste- with very little antiquing and light in colour. Thank you very much, JP, if I ever need another cello- I’ll be back at ya!



May 30, 2012

Absolutely lovely!! I’m also looking for a 7/8. How much did it cost this one?


May 09, 2011

Reply from buyer

Thank you so much for the nice cello!

It arrived in one piece, it was very well packed and no problems on its way.
It looks gorgeous with nice workmanship. I will be setting it up later
tonight and I’ll come back to you in a few weeks to tell you how it sounds
in a large hall. I just wanted you to know how happy and greatefull I am- as
it was impossible to find a nice 7/8 cello here.

The best

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