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Musikmesse Shanghai 2012 - How did we do?

October 25, 2012

The music fair had ended and now things are starting to get back to normal pace. The best thing that happen for us was also the most surprising. Our WRS bows sold really well. Many came and tested them for strength and flexibility and left. And many returned later the day to place their annual orders. This solidify my belief that ipe will become the bow of choice among advancing students and possibly convert some professionals as well. One thing that ipe is less than pernambuco is the flexibility scores is lower. However for the advancing player, it’s probably one of the best choice that pernambuco cannot match at the same price.

Our old violins sold well too, with many repeat retail buyers buying one violin to add to their collection and some Korean and Hong Kong resellers buying in some small bulk of 5-10 old violins. European buyers are not strong in this year’s event.

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