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Choosing A Violin for Competition or Performance - YLC or Joseph Ding

November 24, 2016

Q: While the last violin I bought from you guys was a steal for the price, it didn't really match my personality so I am selling it locally. I am looking for a violin that projects well, not too bright but also not warm and something that I could use for professional level performances if possible (I compete in competitions and sub in symphonies in my area). I would like to have a secondary violin that I could use alongside my primary instrument (modern french/italian style instrument). Do you have any suggestions?

Jehpin: If you're looking for more performance type instrument, I can recommend 2 models, unfortunately they are both out of stock. But new ones are in the making now. If you're able to wait, these will be great additions.

Q: What are they???

Jehpin: First is the Joseph Ding violin. This is the best instrument in our collection.

Second is the YLC Master violin. Much more affordable, it serves as an instrument for the demanding student.

Q: How much is each instrument?

Jehpin: Joseph Ding: USD1800. YLC Master USD975

Q: What about the Vecchio instruments?

Jehpin: Currently the feedback I'm getting from the many resellers so far is Vecchio sells very very well in their shops, decent tone for the price, and looks great. But for the very demanding player, the response seem a little lacking. Also because Vecchio are Amati models, the arching is higher, limiting projection in a concert hall.

Vecchio would be better in small groups, or as a practice instrument because their tone is sweet to the ears.

Q: What are some responses to the Joseph Ding instruments?

Jehpin: Nothing short of fantastic, but there were some who didn't like it due to its tone characteristics.

Q: What do you mean?

Jehpin: It sounds darker in tone, let you know in case you like bright tones. The Ding instrument beats a USD3000 instrument easily at shops. Great projection. Very mature for a new instrument. Those who didn't like the dark tone, still agrees it's a good violin.
Q: I am looking for an instrument that has a focused sound. That's one of the qualities that I like about my own instrument. What is the typical response to the YLC?
Jehpin:  The YLC is great for concerts, big full projection. Very balanced.  For focused sound, either YLC or Ding would suffice.
Q: How does the YLC compare??
Jehpin: One reason Ding is more expensive is because it is very hard to make a new instrument with a dark tone. It requires very good wood and good matching of the top spruce and the maple. Dark tones grows into a better instrument with time. YLC sounds great the moment you begin playing. But in our feedback from those who own both, its progress to mature is more limited. YLC is brighter sounding, and this type of tone is easier to produce in a new violin.
You can make a dark sounding violin brighter by a change of strings and adjustment of the soundpost position. But it is very challenging to make a bright sounding violin darker.

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