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#6778 Copy of 19th Century Italian 16.5" Viola by Vecchio workshop


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    • Level: Beginner > Advanced > Concerto > Master
    • Workshop: Vecchio Workshop
    • 100% handmade, 100% hand oil varnished

    About this Workshop

    The Vecchio workshop has a wonderfully big following, mostly because of their excellent varnishing technique that can not be found anywhere else. This technique is a 36-layer varnish and antiqued oil varnishing technique originating from Naples Italy. This oil varnishing complements the warm tone associates with Vecchio violins, which is the original workshop that pioneered using old spruce pillars of buildings for violinmaking. What you will experience is a new violin, but in many ways "old violin"-like. Made by a single luthier from start to finish, characteristic strong, warm tone, abeit slightly dark. Fitted with Opera Fiddle Strings (Bright sound) which in combination with this strings gives a unique blend of bright and dark.

    About this Model

    This is a Vecchio 400 series viola masterpiece, varnished after an early work that Stradivarius made in 1693. It was called the Harrison. The unique thing about this viola is the low profile antiquating, which makes the viola feel like a well taken care old viola. Those of you who had earlier versions of the Harrison made by the Performa workshop, this version's tone is even sweeter and warmer. We hope everything will like it as we love it. 

    Antiquated slightly for that fine touch, it is a viola with a lot of charisma. In old China, many houses are torned down to make way for new construction and the spruce that is used on these torned down houses can be used for making violas. We're lucky to acquire some of these very special aged wood, each of at least 50 years old, to be used to make one of our best models.

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    • 100% Refunds for non-receipts
    • Level : Beginner > Advanced > Concerto > Master
    • 100% Handmade, 100% hand oil varnished
    • Selected Seasoned Spruce Top, naturally air dried (over 50 years)
    • Selected Seasoned Flamed Maple Back, Ribs & Scroll, naturally air dried (over 12 years)
    • Ebony Fingerboard
    • Hard-carved pegs, tailpiece and chinrest
    • Genuine Inlaid Purfling

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