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Carbon Fibre Cello Bow with Phoenix Ebony Frog


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    • Model: 109
    • Instrument: Cello
    • Lifetime Exchange Policy
    • Level: Beginner > Advanced > Concerto > Master


    About this bow:

    This is a great value bow using good stiffness carbon fibre shaft that matches the stiffness of good quality pernambuco, while exhibiting a good degree of flexibility. Many players have been insisting on pernambuco for strength. That was when there was no alternative to a strong stick. Famous bowmakers all over the world now use carbon fibre to make their professional bows.


    This bow is suitable for the advancing student that requires a strong bow at the best value price.


    • $19.95 Worldwide Shipping with Tracking (6-15 days for US & Europe, and up to 40 days for other destinations). Oviolin is a wholesale store. We deal in trade terms, not retail terms. All products purchased here may require you to make adjustments at your local store because strings instruments are sensitive to humidity and temperature. However, all photos here are accurate in product representation.
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  • Model : 109
    Level : Advanced
    Brand : Cobra
    Frog : Ebony with Phoenix Emblem
    Fittings : German Silver
    Authenticity : Verified
    Shaft Material : Carbon Fibre (From Japan)
    Bow Making Technique : Germany

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