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W.R.S. *** Silver IPE Concert Viola Bow. Pernambuco Strength.

WR Schuster

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    • Model: WRS2
    • Instrument: Viola
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    • Level: Beginner > Advanced > Concerto > Master


    About this bow:

    If you only cared about the playability and tone of your bow, this is the bow to buy. IPE is a fast growing wood that has physical properties that is 90% of a top pernambuco. This makes it an extremely good source of wood for making bows. While this wood is more commonly adopted in Europe and among European makers, it is less commonly used in US and Asia. But in many double blind tests, this bow has outperformed pernambuco bows. Many European bow makers have used IPE and has continued to use it for their bow lineups, and some have even won prestigious bow making competitions using IPE bows. The best advantage IPE has over pernambuco is cost. It is a fast growing tree and hence it is easily replenished.

    Another advantage is the texture is very close to a pernambuco bow. In fact, we have observed many vendors to sell IPE bows as pernambuco, probably to make it easy for people to understand about the quality. But here at Old Violin House, we want to promote IPE bows actively. Moreover, you will be doing something positive for the environment (Brazilian Pernambuco Forest in particular) if you choose this bow.

    Resellers, this bow will fit many of your players needs. It is a highly recommended must stock bow even if you already have something at this price range. If you've never tried one, now is the best time especially at this value price.


    This bow is one level up from the W.R.S ** Violin Bow and is suited for the more demanding player wants a stronger stick.

    • 1-2 Bows $19.95 Worldwide Shipping with Tracking (6-15 days for US & Europe, and up to 40 days for other destinations). Oviolin is a wholesale store. We deal in trade terms, not retail terms. All products purchased here may require you to make adjustments at your local store because strings instruments are sensitive to humidity and temperature. However, all photos here are accurate in product representation.
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  • Model : WRS2
    Level : Concerto
    Brand : WR Schuster
    Frog : Top Ebony
    Fittings : German Silver
    Authenticity : Verified
    Shaft Material : Brazil
    Bow Making Technique : Germany

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