Viopasar - A Marketplace of Music Suppliers


Our latest! Viopasar, showcases local brands & shops all around the world. "Viopasar" comes from a Singapore word "Pasar" which means Marketplace & Vio is a trace back to our roots as a violin-only shop in 2006.

At Viopasar, we partner with shops & suppliers. Our advantage is the large number of daily traffic by orchestra nerds (yes you!). Many excellent local sellers are not familiar with international markets. We facilitate the shipment internationally using our network of warehouses & fulfillment centres in Asia, London & New York. So you can think of us as an organiser of a bazaar.

These products enjoy the same 100% Refund on Non-Receipts. But Money Back Guarantee is at 45 days and Lifetime Exchange Policies do not apply. For more info on these policies, please read the F.A.Q. section on our site.