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100% Refund for non-receipts


We have a 60 days shipping period for items bought with free shipping under the Viopasar and Pink Elephant menu. We'll refund you all your money, including shipping.

For musical instruments bought under Oviolin menu, we offer refunds for any purchases that is not delivered 35 days after its sending for musical instruments. Here is a table of the estimated shipping times to be expected for various countries. 

Group 1:

USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Ireland, Austria, Belgium,

Denmark, Finland, Greece, Luxemberg, Norway, Portugal, Spain,
Switzerland, Sweden, France, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, 
Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, 
New Zealand & Australia.

- Italy has unpredictable customs procedures. 15-35 days
- Netherlands via normal Airmail only, 15-20 days
- Puerto Rico via normal Airmail only. 20-35 days

 Group 2:

- Brazil, Mexico, Argentiana, Peru, Panama, Chile, Columbia (takes 35 days)
- Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, Cyprus (12-20 days)

The refund policy applies to all countries in Group 1. For Group 2, the waiting period is 37 days after sending because Group 2 destinations are less common destinations or destinations known to have unpredictable shipping and customs practices.

To apply for this refund or resend, please contact us and we will guide you along in our emails.