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Our Story

A dependable place to discover violins, violas & cellos.

Oviolin (previously Old Violin House) was founded in 2004 with a rebellious spirit and an ambitious objective: to create bench-quality classically crafted violins at a revolutionary price point.
Oviolin was conceived as an alternative to the cheap violin shaped objects (VSOs) that were the standard of Chinese made violins in the late 1990s and early 2000. We thought since there were Chinese violinmakers who won international violinmaking competitiions from as early as 1980s, there had to be some outstanding violinmakers hidden in China. And so Oviolin went on a mission trip to discover these gems. By working directly with customers through the internet and gathering feedbacks, Oviolin could instantly understand what end users want in a string instrument, and hence communicate it to the violinmakers.
We crafted our first string player-focused collection of violins using the finest spruce and maple from China and the Russian cold mountains. We call this the Opera Signature series. Every string instrument is constructed with the player in mind, from tone production, craftsmanship and setup. Available exclusively through our website and showrooms, our string instruments retail at highly affordable prices that includes free shipping to over 30 countries.

Instruments with a purpose 

Over 1 million violins are shipped worldwide from China every month.  90% of these are made in large factories whose focus is on quantity rather than quality - a problem Oviolin is determined to address. This is why we’ve partnered only with small size family workshops to produce a smaller quantity of higher quality instruments.

We believe in quality over quantity.