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Return Policy


For musical instruments, you can return your purchase within 60 days from your receipt of the item. No questions ask. 100% of the value of the item (excluding shipping) will be refunded for safe return of the purchase. We understand sometimes there could be a mismatch about the expectations. Just send us a message below and our customer service personnel will guide you for the entire procedure. However we do appreciate if you can highlight the reason to us so we can guide your future purchase or feedback a situation to our workshops.


Do take note buyers must take care of all shipping charges. We have this policy of buyer paying for all related shipping charges because we are operating as a wholesaler where our prices are pure product prices, and does not include any general charges for buyer's return.


However, if the parcel gets returned due to a wrong shipping address or buyer do not want to collect the item, I'm afraid we have to charge an admin fee of $60 to cover our shipping costs to you. By having this policy, we believe it is effective to deter against abusive buyers who take advantage of violin returns without any associated costs and thus help make our shop a more pleasant place for the majority of buyers who can understand there is risk involved in buying instruments or bows without physically seeing them first.


We ship from Shanghai, China and we do not guarantee goods will arrive safely for international purchases. We are a discount seller and our terms of sale are Free-On-Board (FOB) Shanghai. This means buyers are responsible for the shipping process and can ask us to use any form of shipping you prefer. We have used EMS or Airmail as default for our buyer's convenience. If buyers prefer others, they can inform us before their purchase and we will adjust the shipping. For Goods that are Damaged on Arrival (DOA), we will work with our buyers to file their claim with the shipper. If buyers have bought insurance from the shipper through us, we will process the claim for our buyers. However, we do not issue any payments to our buyers in advanced. Buyers who do not agree with our sales policies can arrange their own shipment. We will issue invoices without shipping costs.