#6017 Hellier Strad Violin Master Level, Beautiful 1PC Back, by Opera


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    • Level: Beginner > Advanced > Concerto > Master
    • Workshop: Opera Workshop

    About this Workshop

    Old Violin House brings you Opera, an orchestra of masterfully made violins from the Dan Sun workshop. Dan Sun was a trained master maker from a world famous German workshop with history dating to the 1800s (the German brand of course, not Dan Sun). Finally, the art of German violin making can be realised in China, combining benefits of German violin making techniques and Chinese handicraft.

    Opera Violins have come a long way, as much as 15 years, though only about 6-7 years it was first being introduced online. And many teachers and professional buyers have feedbacked that this workshop's violin is really way different from the other similarly ranked violins of other workshops, and so I've been working to upgrade Opera violins even more by creating this model. You will notice all Opera models will come with improvements, and I hope you are happy with it. It really takes a very long time, from getting the right tonewood matching, to getting the right varnishing. So here it is the classic amber varnish with the improved tonewoods.

    About this Model: 

    The maker for this violin is Dan Sun, a small workshop in Beijing. This is made in Hellier style. The inlaid decorative purflings are bone inlaid, just like how the original one was done. The decorative patterns on the sides and scroll are all meticulously inlaid using ebony powder, again just like how the original one was made.

    It is an oil varnished, and the varnish is made by one of our client-luthier-supplier in Italy. Even we do not know the exact formula. But we are blessed because of its easy availability to us.

    This particular violin is a very fine top quality violin. You can tell that the craftmanship is excellent in all ways. I particularly like the peg workmanship, both in the crafted peg works as well as the peg rounded ends.

    As usual, Opera violins are made to achieve a warm tone, balanced across all strings.

    This violin is a no nonsense oil-varnished violin suitable for most professionals. In old China, many houses are torned down to make way for new construction and the spruce that is used on these torned down houses can be used for making violins. We're lucky to acquire some of these very special aged wood, each of at least 50 years old, to be used to make one of our best models.


    • $39.95 Worldwide Shipping with Tracking (6-15 days for US & Europe, and up to 40 days for other destinations)
    • 100% Refunds for non-receipts
    • Level Beginner > Advanced > Concerto > Master
    • Powerful, Bright Tone. Good Tonal Colours.
    • 100% Handmade, 100% Hand varnished
    • Selected European Austrian Spruce Top, naturally air dried (16 years)
    • Selected Seasoned Flamed Maple Back, Ribs & Scroll, naturally air dried (over 12 years)
    • Ebony Fingerboard
    • Hard-carved pegs, tailpiece and chinrest
    • Genuine Inlaid Purfling

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