Carbon Fibre Violin Bow with Phoenix Ebony Frog


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    • Model: 109
    • Instrument: Violin
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    • Level: Beginner > Advanced > Concerto > Master


    About this bow:

    This is a great value bow using good stiffness carbon fibre shaft that matches the stiffness of good quality pernambuco, while exhibiting a good degree of flexibility. Many players have been insisting on pernambuco for strength. That was when there was no alternative to a strong stick. Famous bowmakers all over the world now use carbon fibre to make their professional bows.


    This bow is suitable for the advancing student that requires a strong bow at the best value price.


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    • $40 for all other countries (EMS 7-30 days)
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  • Model : 109
    Level : Advanced
    Brand : Cobra
    Frog : Ebony with Phoenix Emblem
    Fittings : German Silver
    Authenticity : Verified
    Shaft Material : Carbon Fibre (From Japan)
    Bow Making Technique : Germany

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