NEXT SALE: 15 NOV 2019. PRICE $199 + 49.95 Shipping

Opera Perlon Strings (Violin/Viola)


If you're looking for an affordable person core strings for yourself or for your students, this is a great option. Sold over 10,000 pc each year to music schools, shops and student orchestras, this presents a viable option with good value.


C (silver wound perlon core) Viola only

G (silver wound perlon core)

D, A (aluminium wound perlon core)

E (specially coated with steel core) Violin only

Regarding Shipping: 

These strings will be shipped in mini Ziploc bags without fancy packaging to keep cost low. Shipping is USD9.99 for the first set and USD0.30 for each additional set. I ship using AIRMAIL to keep cost low. Shipping times is 14-20 days for most countries, and up to 30 days for some others. If you need strings within 30 days, this form of shipping is not suitable. Please ask me the cost of shipping for EMS shipping if you need the strings within 14 days. Strings can be shipped with instrument purchases for free.

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